Algemene huurvoorwaarden

Bookings of holiday rentals are non-transferable The booking will only be considered finalised following confirmation by the Management by registered mail and the receipt of the deposit.

Confirmation by the Management is provisional: on the day of arrival, the customer must accept the rules of entry, and comply with them throughout the stay. These rules can be found in the campsite regulations, and the key points are listed below:

  • The Blue Ocean Campsite is for tourist purposes and holidays only.
  • The right to enter and stay on the campsite will be only granted to people who can demonstrate a fixed address and valid insurance, which covers the civil responsibility of the tenant throughout the duration of their stay.
  • Commercial and professional vehicles are prohibited on the campsite.
  • Prices only cover the holiday rental property; other services are ancillary.

The balance of your stay must be paid 10 days before your arrival.

Booking cancellation: for reasons beyond the campsite’s control, some leases may be cancelled.

Should this occur, the reimbursement of corresponding payments, excluding all damage and interest charges, allows the campsite to disclaim liability when the cancellation is necessary due to:

  • The failure of a campsite supplier;
  • Force majeure circumstances;
  • Customer safety.

Cancellation by the customer: cancellations must be made in writing and addressed to the campsite management. No refund will be made.

If the client has cancellation insurance, and needs to cancel their stay, they must contact AXELLIANCE, the insurance provider of Blue Ocean.

In the absence of written confirmation by the customer explaining that they have had to postpone the date of their arrival, the holiday rental will be released 24 hours after the agreed arrival date, and the customer will be charged for the total cost of their stay.

All of the holiday rentals are available from 3pm during the off-peak season, 5pm in July and August, and must be vacated on the day of departure before 10am. Empty pitches are available on the day of arrival after midday.

All booking contracts must be accompanied by a deposit and administrative fee.

All pets must be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and kept on a leash:

  • You must present a vaccination record on the day of arrival.
  • Rules of basic hygiene must be respected on the tent pitches and in the rental properties

Each mobile home and chalet contains kitchen equipment and dishes as well as bedding (except sheets and bed linen), and garden furniture.

Each mobile-home and chalet has an numbered inventory of the furnishings. Upon arrival, the tenant is asked to check the inventory, report any inconsistencies, sign and return it on the same day.

Upon arrival, the client will be required to pay a deposit:

  • €440 for mobile homes and chalets;
  • €20 for the campsite entry card.

The deposit will be reimbursed within the 8 days following the departure inventory, having made deductions for damage and/or missing equipment.

The tenant is responsible for cleaning the mobile home or chalet: the accommodation must be spotless upon departure. If this is not the case, after the joint inventory, the tenant will be immediately required to pay a cleaning fee of at least €90, and their security deposit will be frozen. Requests for an end-of-stay cleaning service must be made at least 48 hours before departure. This service provides 1 hour of cleaning, and any additional time will be billed and deducted from the deposit.

The lease period is fixed, and cannot be modified: in the case of a delayed arrival or early departure, tenants will be charged for the whole cost of the stay. Arrivals and departures must be made during reception opening hours. The management will not be held responsible for any hotel/restaurant fees incurred if the tenant is not able to report to reception during these times.

In the event of a severe breach of the campsite regulations, leading to the customer being asked to leave the premises early, the customer will be charged for the duration of their planned stay.

Mediation of consumer disputes: in accordance with the Consumer Code concerning ‘the mediation of consumer disputes’, the customer has the right to access the free mediation service offered by Blue Ocean. The ‘Consumer rights’ mediator offered is BAYONNE MEDIATION.

This mediation process can be reached:

Collected data will be processed and stored on a customer database. This data will only be used by DAUGA FRERES SARL.

In accordance with the ‘Information and Freedom’ laws, dated the 6th January 1978, and modified in 2004, customers have the right to access and modify their personal data. This right can be exercised by emailing: You may also, for legitimate reasons, refuse collection of your personal data. CNIL Declaration n° 1427429 from the 4th May 2010.

According to the french Article L223-2 of the Consumer Code, you can object being contacted by telephone at any time, by registering for free at