Surf, Quiksilver & Roxy Pro

The Quiksilver & Roxy Pro from October 3-14 2018

Every year, the 9th stage of the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro takes place in the Landes, in Hossegor, France. The men’s and women’s competition bring together the best surfers in the world and fans from around the world for 11 days of surfing at the highest level. The winner earns 10000 points, the second 7800 and the third 6085. The financial earnings live up to the expectations. The 36 male athlete surfers compete for four rounds to advance to the elimination phase that ends with the grand finale.

Brazil’s Filipe Toledo and Gabriel Medina are coming in strong. The latter won the seventh phase in Teahupoo, French Polynesia. The two “auriverdes” are at the top of the ranking this year and Medina is one of the best of this era in Hossegor. He has been first 3 times and second 2 times in the last 7 years. The French Jeremy Flores from Reunion Island, familiar with Hossegor, is coming up with a 3rd place finish in Tahiti. He knows these waves from the “Sud-Ouest” very well and will be sure to deliver a magnificent show.

On the women’s side, the Australian Stephanie Gilmore, certainly the greatest surfer of this era with her 6 world titles, is looking forward to conquering her seventh championship. She has won 3 of the last 7 events in 2018. Placed in second and third place are respectively the American Lakey Peterson and the Brazilian Tatiana Weston-Webb. Then, the 24-year-old French Johanne Defay, born in Reunion Island, is fourth. She is having a great season and we hope she will be able to climb the podium!

Competition site – “La Gravière” & the Capbreton Underwater Canyon

“La Gravière” wave is one of the world’s most iconic sand bottom one. It is possible to surf it from both sides and has amazing barrels, it’s the French Pipeline. Yet, how can we explain the fact that a hundred meters to the south, in Capbreton, the waves are half the size? The Capbreton Underwater Canyon is the sole responsible for this singularity! However, contrary to popular belief, the rift and its canyon do not point towards La Gravière but towards Capbreton instead. By the way, the chasm is as big as the Grand Canyon in Colorado in the United States. The answer to our question stems from the physical phenomenon of refraction. The waves move away from the canyon and in our case, they are concentrated further north, towards Hossegor and therefore, towards “La Graviere”.

This feat can also be observed in Nazaré, Portugal. The place where the last world records of the biggest waves surfed have been beaten. Rodrigo Koxa holds the record with a 24 m or 80 feet wave. Nevertheless, there is controversy because some believe that the American Garrett McNamara should hold the title with a wave of a staggering 30 m (100 feet) surfed in Nazaré in 2013.

Innovation at the 2018 Championship Tour

The WSL Championship Tour (WCT) has 11 stages around the world. Only two take place in Europe: Hossegor and Portugal. An exciting novelty will feature this year’s WCT. After 10 years of construction and $ 30 million invested, the legendary Kelly Slater has finished his “Surf Ranch”. It will host the event right before the Quiksilver Pro one in Hossegor. The artificial wave is controversial because it is technically perfect and can be reproduced identically every single time, an infinite amount of times. Critics say it kills the magic of surfing. It will be interesting to see who will come out on top surfing in these “perfect” conditions and then tackle the unpredictable sea of La Gravière.

Ondres and Joan Duru

The surf spots of the region attract enthusiasts from around the world. Indeed the region is known for its tubes and its waves for all levels. In addition to this, the famous Belharra off the coast of Saint-Jean-de-Luz attracts big wave riders in search of thrills. As a matter of fact, a reef is located a few kilometers away from the beach. During the winter, waves ranging from 8-15 meters can crash there if the conditions are right.

Ondres is a small town of 5000 inhabitants at the edge of the Atlantic and in the middle of the Landes pines. Its main economic activity is tourism. During the high summer season, the small city can see its population triple.

Among the athletes, we can note the professional surfer Joan Duru who is from the village. He is famous for having eliminated Kelly Slater in Hossegor in 2008. He will be present this year in this sea that he knows so well. We hope he will manage to secure a spot on the podium to climb up the rankings!

The good addresses of Hossegor & Capbreton

Hossegor and Capbreton offer many options for restaurants and leisure activities:

  • La Centrale: 200 meters from the “La Gravière” spot, the Centrale is at the heart o
  • Hossegor lake: this salt water lake is directly connected to the sea by a channel that separates out Capbreton Hossegor. All around it you can find nice restaurants with a beautiful view of the lake. At high tide, you will most likely be able to watch adrenaline junkies jump off the bridge (8 m) crossing the canal.
  • Capbreton: its port offers very good options of seafood restaurants. Not to mention those along the ocean which offer a breathtaking view of the sunset.

L’Espace Blue Océan & Ondres

Set in a beautiful 10-hectare pine forest, on the edge of the Landes forest, this eco-resort offers comfortable, designer chalets scattered throughout nature. Their beautiful terraces equipped with hammocks, classy deckchairs, and a plancha allow to tan quietly and extend the evenings around a nice BBQ.
Blue Océan offers special discount during the Quiksilver Pro !

Blue Océan offers a multitude of sports and leisure activities: heated salt water swimming pool, surfing academy, surfcamps, skate park, circus school, horse riding, yoga and pilate classes, massage treatments, bike rental… In addition, the kid’s club occupies children around fun activities and discovery of local fauna and flora.
All these activities and services are available 11 months out of 12 (except swimming pool closed from December to the end of March, and kid’s club open week-ends and school holidays only)).

The accommodations have full hotel service (beds made on arrival, towels, cleaning).

The beach is 900 m away. You can reach it by a bike path or via a forest path. You will be able to learn or improve your surf, or to relax on the huge sandy beach.
You can even access Hossegor and Capbreton via the bicycle paths crossing the forest.

Access to the WCT

A shuttle between the Blue Ocean and the WCT is available to customers during the competition. No need to hassle to find a parking space at the edge of the beach: the Blue Océan van drops you off and picks you up at the foot of the competition.

L’Espace Blue Ocean in Ondres is easily and quickly accessible by all major means of transport. It is exactly halfway between the Biarritz airport (BAB) and Hossegor beach. Bayonne’s TGV (high speed train) station is even closer, at 15 minutes from the village. Finally, the highway is 5 minutes from the Blue Ocean.

Do not hesitate to inform us your time of arrival so we can arrange transportation from the airport or train station.

Espace Blue Océan is ideal for teams and groups who wish to be close to the heart of the competition but who also want to be able to escape from the crowds and want to experience the authenticity of a small village from the Landes with Basque influence.