Famille: Chalet Surf Village

Chalet Belharra

In honour of the giant wave breaking off the coast of the Basque Country. To be admired from the top of the cliff, on the Corniche road. Superb chalet on the edge of the forest, ... Read more

Chalet Gautier Garanx

Dedicated to the champion Gautier Garanx (also a surf teacher at our resort). The chalet recalls Gautier's exploits, notably on the monstrous Belharra wave (19 m) which earned him the Billabong XXL award. ... Read more

Chalet Biarritz

The cradle of European surfing ! 1956 : 2 Californians on a film shoot discover the Basque waves, and import this sport for the first time. The era of the "Tontons Surfeurs" begins, marked by ... Read more

Chalet Hossegor

The wave of La Gravière makes Hossegor one of the most mythical spots of the international surfing circuit. The Quiksilver ProFrance has been held there many times. Jeremy Florès (France) won the last edition ... Read more

Chalet California

Malibu, Trestles, Rincon, Huntington, Newport, Mavericks, Santa Cruz, San Diego ... these names have marked the competitive history of surfing for men and women. They are also associated with the birth of the surf ... Read more

Teahupoo cottage

Teahupoo (Tahiti) is famous for its tubular left side that breaks on the coral reef. The Billabong Pro takes place here every year, and the 2024 Olympics (Paris) have made it the home of ... Read more

Chalet Pipeline

What surfer has never dreamed of getting to know Hawaii and returning to the origins of surfing? Waikiki, Waimea, Sunset, Honolua, ... Pipeline feed the imagination of every surfer. The Pipeline Chalet and its collection ... Read more

Chalet Gold Coast

The Gold Coast or Surfers Paradise, 70 kilometers of Indian Ocean coastline, spectacular waves and lush rainforests. The Gold Coast Chalet is wallpapered with a myriad of posters and photos depicting surfing on Australia's East ... Read more

Chalet Bali

Uluwatu, Impossibles, Binging, Padang, ... Ah! Indonesia and its paradisiacal beaches with turquoise and transparent waters! Chalet Bali displays a multitude of wave posters to immerse you in the Balinese atmosphere. This pretty chalet welcomes ... Read more